Correct Mistakes On Your Profile Of Express Entry in Toronto

Anyone who has thought about settling in Canada must know that immigration is a long process, and must also have heard of Express Entry. But, what is Express Entry exactly? This system organizes the intake and processes some of the applications of economic immigration. This entire process of using Express Entry for immigration is a very important step. But what if you end up making a mistake on your profile of Express Entry? Will that cancel your application? Immigration lawyer Toronto says no. There are always ways of rectifying your mistakes.

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Things To Know

This online system helps to finds out the most skilled workers from abroad for the country. There are three national programs that Express Entry supports namely; Federal Skilled Trades or FST, Federal Skilled Worker or FSW, and CEC or Canadian Experience Class. This system strives to find out skilled labor for the country. The system works in two steps, according to Immigration lawyer Toronto;

  1. Profile: First the candidates who are interested must create a profile, on Express Entry, and mention their experience and skill and will be accepted by Express Entry if they fit the eligibility criteria.
  2. Application: The profiles that manage to impress will be selected for application for permanent residence in Canada.

Candidates must make sure that they show their skills off well during the process as Immigration lawyer Toronto suggests. The profile must be accurate and impressive; however making mistakes is not uncommon. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to fix them.

How To Fix Mistakes?

Making corrections even after you have applied for Express Entry is possible, and it is easier if your application has not yet been selected for permanent residence in Canada also known as ITA or Invitation to Apply.

But there are a number of steps that you must follow while making these changes.

Firstly, you must visit the Express Entry profile that you have created and look for the welcome page, where you have to select the option “What you would want to do today?”

Secondly, there will be a section where you can view your application or profile and click on the “Check status” option.

Then you will be directed to a page where you can see your submitted application as Immigration lawyer Toronto says.

On your profile page you will find an option to update your form, here you have to be careful to select the right page for modification.

Now you can make all the changes necessary and when you have completed it, proceed towards the end of the page and save the changes then exit.

The next step is to submit the modified profile.

Why Can’t You Make Changes?

Your profile must meet all the criteria that are needed by Express Entry in order to be deemed eligible. If not you won’t be able to update your profile, then you will have to create a new profile. But then you need to see if your qualifications deemed you ineligible, if so, consider increasing your qualifications.

The second reason can be more complicated as observed by Immigration lawyer Toronto. If you get an Invitation to Apply, then your information gets locked to what it was. If you are suspected of lying about yourself then that will be seen as a criminal offense so be careful while filling out the form. Here are more reasons to consult with an immigration lawyer for any application! Visit Toronto immigration lawyers for more info:

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