A Few Steps for Getting Spousal Sponsorship

If you want to sponsor your spouse in Canada and apply for a permanent residence, you must already know that there are a lot of legal dos and don’ts. Firstly, and most importantly you will require proving the status of your relationship legally, that is, whether or not you are actually married. Best spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada notes that if this is not accurately proven them sponsorship will not be provided. If you have not had a chance to live together with your spouse before applying for sponsorship, then that might complicate things. But that should not leave you in a rut. Here is what you can do;

Best spousal sponsorship lawyer

Friends’ Letters

What better proof than the attestation of your close friends and family of having spent time with you and your spouse together? They can also explain what kind of relationship the two of you share with them in their letter. If you are wondering whether this will be regarded as a valid document, the best spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada says, yes.

Gift Receipts

You must have bought your spouse a number of gifts throughout your relationship. It might be a good idea to include their receipts in your list of evidences. Better yet you can include photographs of your spouse receiving them. If you have not preserved your previous receipts, make sure that you do now.

Phone Bills

You might think that these evidences will be ruled out as vague but the best spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada says otherwise. If you family is in touch with your spouse who is a foreigner they must have documented their bills and also their mail to your spouse. These are good evidences that you actually are married and your family attests to the fact. Submit these proofs along with your application for sponsorship.

Messages Written on the Backside of Pictures

Printed pictures are obsolete in the age of social media, but if you are submitting printed pictures a message on the back won’t hurt.

Notes, Letters and Cards

You must have exchanged letters or cards with each other on anniversaries or birthdays, include them or maybe their scan and that will only strengthen your application. Best spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada say that these are potent evidences.

Print Outs of Messages

You can download software that helps transform text messages to the jpeg format, and use them to print your text messages. Your conversations will reveal your relationship with each other. Or you can take screenshots of your messages and then print those out.

Relationship Timeline

You can most definitely share the time line of your relationship and how it turned to marriage in details. You can share the celebration of milestones in your relationship, be it personal achievements or anniversaries, trips together and the like.

For better advice you can seek legal help directly from the best spousal sponsorship lawyer in Canada, and get your application granted following the exact steps suggested by them. It is always better to have a guide.

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